Ayub Chandni

I used to have severe pain in my back. In an operation at Mayo hospital, doctor placed a rod parallel to my spinal cord as a support but just after one week later, my lower body got completely dead and there was no movement.
I live alone. None of my sisters or brother spends time with me. They have abandoned me because they think that I am burden on them after being paralyzed. My residence is in Chauburji. My brother meets me once a month for the sake of formality.
When I was earning money, I used to spend it on my siblings but now that I am on a wheel chair they have showed me their back. They don’t have enough time to sit with me and speak some good words.
“In this world a person is only good until he has money, If you don’t have money, you are just a burden on your family”
An NGO has given me a 10 year old boy who takes care of me. Also there is an old woman living in my neighborhood, she cares for me more than my family. She often sends food for me. Sometimes she comes and washes my clothes and make food for me at my residence, I don’t have any blood relation with her but she shows that humanity is still alive on this earth. The support I was expecting from my family is given by that old lady.
I wake up 4 30 am sharp to offer FAJAR prayer and which I do some Tasbeeh and recitation of Quran Shareef.


No one has a wish to be born a transgender, these are the work of ALLAH ALMIGHTY and we should not regret it and believe ALLAH that why HE had made us like this because HE knows the best. Every person has two paths in front of him i.e. right or wrong, now it is his choice which paths does he selects. Now I am a transgender, if my family or my parents do not support me so what should I do ? I started abusing them and saying that you are not good at all, why aren’t you standing with me in this tough time, NO NOT AT ALL, I would not do that. My parents do not have enough money to support me due to lack of resources but I never taunt them or blame them. Allah is watching all of their intentions and my patience. Every parents do good for their children but if they aren’t having enough resources to support their children then don’t start blaming them. Don’t put a pressure on them.
Me as being a transgender doesnot feel shy because ALLAH knows the best that why HE had made me in like this, I ask you one thing, does any of man wishes to take dupatta on his head, NO because society will laugh.
I had a question for government, what are you doing for us? You are constantly making roads, what the hell should we do with these roads, we are not having any car or bike that we can enjoy on this road, we don’t even have a bicycle. So please cooperate with us and do something which proves to be beneficial for us.

Asia Ghafoor

I am having TB problem since I was 16 years old. I show some of my careless in taking medicines which expands this disease. For past 4-5 years I have also been suffering from asthama and I am not showing any type of carelessness in taking medicines for this problem. I love to do cooking especially Chinese, I can make every type of Pakistani dish. Recently I am working with BG boutique located in Gulberg. I supported my 5 nephews in starting of their married life and they pay me back by not spending time with me, using bad words for me just because I am not having any specific gender.


In class four, I was sexually harassed by my teacher but I didn’t tell to my family or father because at that time I was not aware of such type of thing. Though I am very social and active. In 2013 I took part in Lahore stage drama organized by ALHUMRA ART COUNCIL. My father is a doctor in army. Recently I am supporting 2 orphans age 7 and 9 years respectively of girl and boy. They also go to school and I bear all of their nominal expenditures. I have dream to be a model or heroine.

Ameen Mina

I mostly have high temperature and fever along with body weakness. I used to spend all of my earnings on my own because I supported my family a lot but past few years their behavior was not good with me at all, so if they are not good with me because I am a transgender, so why should I be so generous towards them. Government is doing nothing for us, this NGO is very good and supportive in every aspect. My residence is at liaquat chowk SABZAZAR.
I had been separated from my family since 10 years and they don’t even turn and look around for me when I was alone, this made me demotivated and I always used to cry and asked ALLAH why have you made me like this but after coming here I said NO, I am having a respect in society and never ever underestimate yourself.