The dimensions of our ideas are unlimited

as are the challenges to our society, and Khawajisara are just one aspect of it. TFS make use of the opportunity that we are educated group of people and given our ability to mobilize our resources in an impactful way.

Design for People not Corporation

“It takes bravery to accept the pain of the neglected. It’s conventional to do that for those who are free from labels. What’s braver is to accept those who are feared and considered repellent.”

Exceptional value-addition to the lives of this embattled community


Social Support and Rehabilitation

Social Support and Rehabilitation to create acceptance for the Khwajasira community for social mobility

Healthcare Awareness

Providing Healthcare Awareness to address productivity and lifestyle issues amongst the Khwajasira community

Social Integration

To work towards the Social Integration of Khwajasiras as equal and engaged members of the society by creating Awareness & Empathy amongst civil society of their plight

Short Stories

Social Exclusion

The disenfranchisement of Khwajasiras largely stems from peer pressure and threat of societal ridicule even prevents philanthropists from creating social support structures for this community.


The world may abandon us, but God never will.